Fine Art Notecards without text


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Sally Stevens, the Potentilla bush and my mother, Judy

Fine Art notecards on FSC®-certified cardstock paper

which is glossy on the outside and matt on the inside.

5 1/2 in. x 4 1/8 in.

Fine Art notecards on FSC®-certified extra rough 100% recycled paper

                                                                     “Basket of Weeds”                                                     Nr. 201
flowers: blue germander speedwell i.a 
butterflies: petunia petals and pine needles 
basket handle: twisted dried chive leaves
                                                                        “Queen Anne”                                                           Nr. 202
Queen Anne’s lace flower
                                                                                   “Passion”                                                             Nr. 203
passion flower, alstroemeria petals and stamen,
mexican creeping zinnia and peony
                                                                            “Kaleidoscope”                                                    Nr. 204
flowers, leaves and other plant parts from one cranesbill plant
                                                                 “Ballet Dancer: Plié”                                                 Nr. 205
feathers: alstroemeria, gazania, blue scaevola (fan-flower), blue thistle stamen; 
bird body: alstroemeria; curtains: hibiscus; legs and feet: red valerian; 
eyes: pepper seeds; crown: crocus stigma
                                                               “Ballerina: En Pointe”                                               Nr. 206
feathers: alstroemeria, red gerbera daisy, blue scaevola, pink thistle stamen;
bird body: alstroemeria; curtains: peony; legs: hydrangia stems; 
eyes: pepper seeds; eye lashes: dried Aster petals
                                              “Purely Petunia”                             Nr. 207
flowers and leaves from two petunia plants
butterfly: petunia petals and a pine needle
                                           “Judy’s Potentilla”                           Nr. 208
flowers and leaves from my mother’s potentilla plant
                                 “Forget me not and friends”             Nr. 209
forget-me nots, blue bugles, leadworts and cornflowers
                               “Orange Feathered Friend”                Nr. 210
orange cockscomb, yellow daisy, blue spider chrysanthemum,
nasturtium (beak) and one seed (eye)
                                                                             “Thank you”                                                           Nr. 212
hibiscus, iris, purple coneflower, alstroemeria, common mallow,
scaevola, leadwort, dogwood and others
                                    “Harmony”                           Nr. 213
various grasses (woodoats, big bluestem, Chinese silver grass) and seeds from a tropical milkweed plant
4 1/2 in. x 4 1/2 in.
                                   “Hi, school!”                          Nr. 214
big fish: buttercups, daffodil, nasturtium, Gazania (tail);
little fish: marigolds; red coral: amaranth
4 1/2 in. x 4 1/2 in.
                                                     “Togetherness”                                    Nr. 215
two amaranth plants
4 1/2 in. x 6 3/8 in.